Services rendered by suasesor

suasesor is a legal firm that focus on corporates and individuals' business with the main goal to make things work and achieve your investments growth.

Our professionalism based on a solid experience besides our flexibility rendering standard and also tailored services upon demand are the key of our service.

Tax and accounts

If you are making business in Spain you know how important is looking after your inhouse accounts in terms to reduce the tax bill at the end of the fiscal year. Our chartered accountants may look after your accounts and tax planning in order to ease this burden and avoid possible uncompliance or missed tax.

Employees matters

Enrolling staff means liabilities, paperwork, tax, social contributions, etcetera. But do not hassel yet, suasesor may help you to solve any possible headache.

With a consolidated experience concerning the enrolment and redundancy of staff, suasesor is also expertise on troubleshooting.

The staff of your businss might be sometime difficult, so professional advise should always be welcomed.

Company foundation

If you plan to form a limited company because someone told you was convenient for you, get advised first so you could save fees and tax when is not so necessary.

As well, rising the shares value of your corporate, cease the director of your company, split your business, merge with other company, or other possible legal business, we are your solution.

With a very competitive cost effective service, feel supported when you take on difficult decision for the coming future of your business.

Trade Marks

Searching your business identity is not a joke. Some business works mainly because of their trade mark, logo and name.

If your want to register your trade mark, we might be of your interest in term to get clear advise and apply for your trade mark in Spain.

Once you have registered you are the legal owner of your new trade mark. Only then you could object in case someone applies for a similar trade mark. Suasesor will defend your interests at all cost.

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